Saturday, March 19, 2011

Set Dosa Batter

Soaking Time (Rice) - min 6 hrs
Soaking TIme (Fenugreek seeds) - min 6 hrs
Soaking Time (Whole urad dhal) - 1 hr
Soaking Time (Rice flakes) - 1/2 hr
Fermentation Time: Overnight
Grinding Equipment: Indian Wet Grinder

  1. Raw rice - 2 cups
  2. Par boiled rice - 1 cup
  3. Whole urad dhal - 3/4 cup
  4. Poha / Rice flakes - 3/4 cup
  5. Fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
  6. Salt - 4 to 5 tsp
  7. Sugar - 3 tsp
  8. Water - as reqd
  1. Wash both rice for about 2 times in the morning; soak in enough water; set aside for 6 hrs.
  2. Soak fenugreek seeds separately in water; set aside along with the soaked rice for 6 hrs.
  3. On the same day evening wash both rice well in water for about 4 to 5 times; drain & set aside.
  4. Wash whole urad dhal once in water & soak in enough water; set aside for about an hour.
  5. Wash rice flakes in water for about 2 times; drain water & set aside for about half an hour.
  6. Do not drain & discard the urad dhal soaked water (if there is left out water); reserve it to add during the grinding process.
  7. Grind all ingredients together in a wet grinder adding enough water.
  8. The batter should be thick yet of pouring consistency.
  9. Store batter in a large vessel / Tupperware containers as it would double the size due to fermentation.
  10. Allow batter to ferment overnight.
  11. Next day morning mix batter well with the help of a ladle & refrigerate for further use.
  • Do not wash urad dhal more than one time as it plays a major role in the fermentation process.
  • Wash rice well in water for about five to six times until draining water is clear.
  • Always soak urad dhal just an hour before grinding; or else it would impart a pungent odor to the batter when soaked for long hours.
  • Need not wash the fenugreek seeds before soaking; do not discard the soaked water; grind always along with the soaked water for best fermentation results.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds overnight or at least for 6 to 8 hrs.
  • Wash rice flakes; soak them always separately half an hour just before grinding process.

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