Friday, December 31, 2010

Carrot Halwa

Prep time: 20 min
Cooking Time: 40 min

Serves: 4

  1. Fresh grated carrots - 2 cups
  2. Milk - 2 cups
  3. Ghee - 2 tbsp
  4. Sugar - 1/4 cup
  5. Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
For garnishing
  1. Cashew nuts - 6 to 8 no's
  2. Raisins - 1 tbsp
  3. Almonds - 8 to 10 no's
  1. Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a pan, saute cashew nuts & raisins separately; set aside.
  2. Slice the almonds & set aside.
  3. Boil milk on medium to high heat in a heavy bottomed pan until reduced to a cup; set aside.
  4. Heat a tablespoon of ghee in a wok, add the grated carrots & stir fry for about 6 to 8 min.
  5. Stir fried carrots ought to be tender with a slight change in color.
  6. Add milk and cook for about 10 to 12 min until dry.
  7. Add sugar and stir fry for another 3 to 5 min until halwa starts leaving the sides of the wok.
  8. Garnish with cashew nuts, raisins & sliced almonds.
  9. Serve either warm or chilled.
  • Carrot halwa can be refrigerated up to a week.
  • I have used Delhi carrots (red ones) for the recipe; hence the colour; can also use the ordinary ones.


  1. hi

    your halwa looks so deliciious and it is so caramel in colour. I to follow the same procedure but my halwa never turns caramel in colour. Can u pls give me some more tips for me.

  2. Hi Jo! I have used the red colored carrots called as Delhi carrots in India for the recipe. Hence the colour!!!